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Common Q&As

Q. Where do I go to download the files I purchased?

A. After you have gone through the checkout process and paid, you will be redirected to a web page listing the file links to download your files. If you are not redirected or you closed out of the web page, you can retrieve the link to the web page in an email that was sent to you after you made a purchase. Sometimes this email goes into a spam folder so please look there. If you still cannot locate the files purchased contact me at 


Q. What file types are included in your files?

A. I offer DXF, JPEG, & SVG. 


Q. Do you offer embroidery patterns?

A. I used to but no longer am providing these type of patterns.


Q. I'm getting an error message 'Unable to extract "(file name)" 'Error 22-Invalid argument' What is it and why can't I download the files?

A. Unfortunately, this error message is received by Apple users who have upgraded to the Catalina program. There is apparently a known issue with that program about downloading files that have been created on a Windows computer. Here is some information on things you could try. If you are unsuccessful, I'm afraid you will need to contact some kind of tech support for your operating system as this is not a problem on my end that I can fix for you. 

It looks like an app called the Unarchiver works on extracting files and is free. Here is more information on it:


Q. Why are there two files that say "Assembled" in the file?

A. They are for Cricut and Silhouette users (or anyone who uses those file types) to upload the assembled files into their program and size the elements more easily before un-assembling them and cutting them out.

Q. Why am I not able to download to my Apple iPhone/iPad?

A. Apple only allows direct downloads to their iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch) from their own App Store; they do not allow direct downloads from the Web to those devices, so you will need to download using a regular computer and then sync the file from there to your iOS device.


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